Appolo Enterprise is a leading civil engineering and construction company based out of Kolkata, India with more than 35 years of establishment and excellence. We specialize in railway projects but not limited to this. We have been in the business for over 3 decades and have completed various projects with Eastern Railways, one of the largest railway zones in India. Our services encompass piling, earthworks, foot over bridges, super structure sheds, buildings construction, new rail line projects, 3rd line projects, rail track, bridge jacketing, and more. We have a team of experienced and qualified engineers who are committed to delivering high-quality work and customer satisfaction.

We have experience and expertise in other areas of civil engineering, such as road developmet, subway construction and landscaping. We can handle any kind of civil engineering project, from planning to execution, with quality and efficiency.


We started working with Indian Railways years ago as a history background. We have a long-standing relationship with the railway authorities and have earned their trust and respect. We have executed multiple projects with Eastern Railways and flourished in the field of civil engineering. We are proud to be associated with the development and modernization of the Indian railway network. Our founder, Anil Sharma, is a veteran in the field of civil construction and has spear headed Appolo Enterprise to become one of the leading and eminent service providers in the industry.

Our vision is to thrive and achieve the best in the field of civil engineering. We aim to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for our clients and partner, using the latest technology and best practices. We are constantly expanding our services and expertise to meet the growing demands of the railway sector. We have a strong presence in West Bengal, where we are based, and we are currently working or planning to expand in Odisha, Chhattisgarh and then rest of India.


Our goals for this year are to continue to provide high-quality civil engineering services to our existing and new clients, to expand our presence and reach in the railway sector, and to diversify our portfolio with more projects in other domains of civil engineering. We are also committed to enhancing our sustainability practices and reducing our environmental impact. We believe that these goals will help us achieve our vision of thriving and achieving the best in the field of civil engineering.

We are also foraying into other ventures like subway and bridges construction. We have the capability and the resources to undertake challenging and complex projects in these domains. We are excited to explore new opportunities and expand our horizons in the field of civil engineering.

Meet Our Founder

A Leader with a Vision

Anil Sharma our founder, started his journey with Eastern Railways almost 3 decades ago. His vision and leadership led him to establish our company, which has since grown into a leading name in the construction sector.
His guiding hand and timely decisions, honed by experience, have steered us through challenges and propelled us to offer the finest services in the industry. These tireless efforts and unwavering commitment are the very heartbeat of our company and a testament to the power of vision and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Managing Director

Akash Sharma is the managing director of Appolo Enterprise, He is a graduate of Finance Hons from Calcutta University and a Masters in Finance & Marketing. He drives the EPC segment including projects management, business development, procurement and other related matters. He has a keen eye for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. He is also passionate about environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Akash's vision for Appolo Enterprise is to become a leading and trusted partner for railways and real estate projects in India and beyond.

"We at Appolo Enterprise aspire to be the leading and reliable partner for railways and real estate projects in India and beyond."

We are a company with a vision to diversify our business. We have ventured into real estate and our first venture is a G+4 storied building in Kalyani, West Bengal, which offers spacious and well-designed apartments with modern amenities and facilities.
We have a team of experienced and skilled professionals who ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction. We are currently operating in West Bengal and expanding to Orissa, where we have plans to launch more projects in the near future.


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